Council Officers

Elected Officers January 2024

Position Brother Duties
Grand Knight Nicolas Moyart
  • Chairing the regular meetings of his Council
  • Ensuring meetings run smoothly
  • Ensuring all officers carry out their duties correctly
Chaplain Fr. Chris Bergin
  • Providing spiritual guidance and leadership to the Council
Secretary Charles Yarham
  • Arranging meetings and notifying brothers of times and dates
  • Preparing and recording minutes of all meetings
  • Conducting all correspondence as directed by the Grand Knight
Treasurer John Dynes
  • Responsible for the Councils finances
  • Receiving and banking all funds
  • Collecting all dues and keeping accounts
  • Presenting accounts at each Council meeting
Membership Peter Carter
  • Managing recruitment,training, and retention
  • Supporting Brothers in the Membership degree and in their training
Action and Youth Rov Claveria
  • Organising lay activities, youth involvement and support action projects
  • Including local schools/youth groups in KSC youth competitions
Warden Peter O'Shea
  • Safe keeping of Council regalia and property
  • Opening, set up and closure of Council chamber
  • Controlling admission and departure of all members
Social Grand Knight + Committee
  • Organising social events to encourage fraternity and unity within his Council
  • Ensuring Council members know about and attend Regional organised events.
Spirituality and Welfare Chancellor John Burnett
  • Ensuring spiritual and moral welfare of Council members and their families and Council widows
  • Organising regular visits and transport for sick Brothers and widows