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Serving God by Serving Others

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Assisting the people of Ukraine

A few words from Séan

We are raising £15,000 to go with the £5,000 we have already raised to assist the people caught up in the war in Ukraine.

People, now 1 million and rising, have been displaced from their homes. Most have fled to Poland. We are working with the Knights of Columbus in Poland to fund food, shelter and clothing for those displaced from their homes following the war in their Country.

Rosary for Life

Knights of St Columba - Rosary for Life

The next Rosary for Life is Friday, 22nd December.
It will be held in Our Lady of Sorrows, immediately following the 10am Mass.
Please be aware that Adoration will commence at 10.30am

Rosary for Life will be at 10.30am on the 4th Friday of each month.

The next rosaries are:

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Becoming a Knight of St Columba (.pdf)

The Knights of St Columba are a Fraternity dedicated to "Serving God by Serving Others" by working in our Communities and Parishes, helping Young people to grow in their Catholic faith and looking after those less fortunate than ourselves.

We are now in our second century of service and we are truly grateful to you for your visit here and hope you enjoy reading about us.

Whether you are a first time visitor, thinking of joining the Knights, recently joined or wish to develop your understanding of the Knights, we hope there is something here for you.

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Meeting on the second MONDAY of every month at 7:30pm.